Primate Freedom Tags

When people learn about animal research, they often become overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness. They feel like they cannot combat a trillion-dollar industry.

When people can connect with one victim, one particular monkey prisoner, they see that they might be able to make a difference, and the problem becomes more manageable.

Primate Freedom Tags are now available.

Each Tag is a unique permanent record stamped into stainless steel. This record contains information about one monkey being held for experiments at UCLA, including monkey’s species, date of birth and gender.

Each Tag is packaged with a booklet that explains how to contact UCLA and get more information about your adopted primate.

No longer do you have to discuss the entire subject of animal experimentation; now you can call and ask what is happening to one individual.

Now the researchers are forced to explain why hurting or killing ”your” monkey is necessary and not an immoral and criminal act. Wearing a Primate Freedom Tag will be a constant reminder that you are one primate’s hope.

If you would like one, please send a $10 donation and a note to the following address, specifying UCLA and stating which sort of chain you’d like for your Tag — necklace or keychain length: